What is VPS Web Hosting

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) can be used for almost everything related to hosting (Apps, websites, blogs, files, data bases, etc). You can have the VPS with a control panel like cPanel/WHM, Plesk, etc which make its management easy!

The control panel which gives a web interface (and API, scripts) to interact with the operating system, services and applications installed on the VPS (or dedicated) server.

A VPS can be used for different purposes from the server role perspective: Describes the role assigned to the server based on which services and applications run on it. These are some examples.

  • Database servers

  • Web servers

  • DNS servers

  • File servers

  • Proxy servers

  • VPS servers

  • Game servers

  • Cache servers

  • All-in-one servers (Run multiple services at the same time)

  • etc.

You have to take into consideration that servers can be classified into two categories from the server reliability perspective:

  • Low-end servers

  • High-end server

From the resources/specs perspective:

  • High memory servers (For applications requiring a huge amount of memory)

  • High CPU servers (For applications requiring a huge amount of CPU processing)

  • High bandwidth servers (For applications requiring a huge amount of network bandwidth)

  • High disk servers (For applications requiring a huge amount of disk space and I/O)

  • etc.

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